Research equipment
The Group of Dielectric Physics has the following equipment:
- setups for crystals growth from solutions, for preparation of porous glasses and composite ferroelectric materials,
- vacuum apparatus for physical vapour thin film deposition, equipped with an electron gun,
- high sensitivity DSC calorimeter Metler Toledo (temperature range 120-800K, scanning rate 0.1 - 20 K/min),
- ultra precision capacitance bridge Andeen Hegerling sensitivity 10-6 pF,
- high resolution dielectric analyzer, Novocontrol , frequency range 3 μHz - 10 MHz,
- liquid helium cryostat (20 - 300 K) for measurements of electrical, calorimetric and optical properties of dielectric materials,
- gas-oil compressor (0.1 - 1500 MPa) for measurements of electrical properties in a temperature range of 78 -500 K,
- polarization microscope Nicon eclipse E 400 Pol with temperature gauge,
- setups for measurements of complex dielectric properties (4.2 - 1000K, 10-3 - 106 Hz),
- setups for measurements of pyroelectric properties, the spontaneous polarization and the electric conductivity (4.2 - 1000K),
- high pressure gas compressor for investigation of electrical properties and phase transition under hydrostatic pressure (0.1-1000 MPa, 78-450 K)
- precise capacitance dilatometer (78 - 450K),
- setups for the spontaneous birefringence and domain structure observation (100 - 450K),
- setups for the thermally stimulated current measurements (4.2 - 1000K),
- spectrophotometer for UV - VIS - NIR transmittance and reflectance measurements (200 - 400K) [model: JASCO V-570],
- ellipsometer for optical studies of thin films in the visible range,
- two-beam interference microscope and multiple-beam interference microscope for thickness measurements of thin films,
- setups for polarization measurements- sawyer tower method,
- setups for polarization measurements- Diamater Drenck Pepinsky bridge
- setups for measurements of the relative changes of linear dimensions versus humidity.

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