Research activities
Physics of ferroic materials, glasses, composite materials and thin films, mainly:
- physical properties and phase transitions in ferroelectric and ferroelastic materials,
- technology and physical properties of discontinuous and continuous thin films and multilayers systems,
- physics and technology of porous glasses and composite materials,
- dielectric properties and dielectric relaxation in ferroic materials,
- spontaneous polarization and pyroelectric properties,
- spontaneous birefringence and domain structure of ferroics,
- crystal structure and lattice vibration in ferroic materials,
- effect of high hydrostatic pressure on phase transition and physical properties of ferroic materials,
- thermal properties (specific heat and thermal expansion) of ferroic materials,
- size effect in ferroelectric materials - nanoferroelectric materials,
- composite ferroelectric materials,
- effect of doped and mixed ferroic materials,
- application of ferroelectric materials,
- technology of porous glasses,
- composite materials: porous glass/ metal, semiconductor,
- structure and phase transitions investigations of ferroelectrics embedded into porous glasses,
- thin films, metal/insulator/metal (MIM) structures and multilayer structures: preparation and characterization,
- dielectric and electrical properties of thin dielectric films,
- optical properties of thin dielectric films,
- deposition and characterization of rare earth oxide films.

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